June 1, 2014

Remember Always

Hello everyone!
Today is Scrap Africa's new challenge reveal and the sketch is absolutely gorgeous!! 

When I saw Denise's sketch it came straight in my mind this photo, which I have found in an old album at my parent's house. This album belonged to my beloved grandma who died at the age of 94 (I can' t believe that 11 years have past since then) and is full of original vintage photos of her life.  She was born at 1909- you can imagine how old are they, they will not even need to be distressed! Now all these photos (and there are a lot of them) are in my hands and I' m going to make an album for them... Well, these are my first two pages and there are going to be a lot more of them :)

To the sketch now: I think it can be interpreted in so many ways not only because it is beautifully designed, but also because it has this 60's vibe going on there, which I absolutely adore. So whatever your style is, it would be a perfect base to work with. I can' t wait to see what you will come up with it!

some materials used on this page:
Prima: resist flower, washi tape, stamps 
Teresa Collins stencil 
Papertray Ink Clip Tips stamp
mists, inks, gesso, paper punches, pages from an old book, clothes tag, safety pin, pearl, grandma' s buttons...


  1. Πωπω ...πολύ συγκινητικό....τι ωράιες που είναι οι παλιές φωτογραφίες βρε παιδί μου, ότι και να λέμε εχουν την πιο μεγάλη δύναμη θεωρώ. Φανταστική σελίδα ... τι να πω, ενθουσιάστηκα !!! Ο μπαμπάς σου θα πάθει πλάκα, κρύψε το journal γιατί θα σου το παρει !!!! ΜΠΡΑΒΟ με κεφαλαία ....

  2. gorgeous page I love your background , colors and details!

  3. A superb take on the sketch and the challenge and lovely soft colours to fit the vintage feel :D

  4. I am so pleased that you also saw the retro/60s feel from the sketch and also did a vintage project! Your pages are stunning and the photo so awesome! Beautiful, beautiful work! ;-)

  5. Τί ωραία που συνδύασες τη φωτογραφία με το πίσω μέρος της σελίδας,τί αρμονία στα χρώματα,τί ωραία διακοσμητικά!Τί να πρωτοσχολιάσω βρε κορίτσι μου.Ξέρεις πως πάντα μου αρέσουν οι δουλειές σου,είσαι καταπληκτική και μπράβο σου.Παλιακό και με άρωμα γλύκας μιας άλλης εποχής..


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