July 25, 2017

Go off the grid - art journal page

Hello everyone!
Today I'm hosting the Finnabair blog with a new page in my super mini art journal
and comes with a VIDEO showing the whole process :)

Here in Greece we are in the middle of the Summertime and I'm really in a relaxed summery 'fishy' bluish mood! ;) You can tell from all my last art journal pages... :)
Today I want to share with you my last art journal page I created with lots of textures, blue shades and doodling.
I had so much fun creating this page, I hope you will enjoy the process in my video below :)

To create an interesting background I glued with the Soft Matte Gel some pieces from the Ephemera Melangepackage and other scraps I had in my stash.
Then I painted the whole surface with a thin coat of Heavy White Gesso as I didn't want to cover the patterns completely.

I used the 3D Gloss Gel to glue the embellishments I wanted to use, like the chipboard pieces, thread and Art Stones.
I also used the Mechanicals Screws and Stars Brads to secure the chipboard gear and the tag with the quote I wrote by hand.
I think they look so cute, especially the tag as thanks to the brad, you can turn it upwords every time you want to read the quote and then you can turn it downwards to store the mini journal.

To create more texture I used the blue shades of the Impasto Paints with the 'Cobblestone' Stencil and one of the Double Sided Texture Brushes.
I simply applied the Impasto Paints with the Silicone Brush and then with the silicone texture tool from the other side of the brush, I created the waves.
You will see how easy and fun this technique is in my video below.

To add some more color and interest, I spread some Mica Powders here and there; I used RustGold and Bluefrom the Mica Powder Set.

Here is my video, I hope you will feel inspired and get into a summer mood just like I did!

***For more inspiration you can visit these blog posts to find more pages of my Mini Journal with VIDEO tutorials :)

click click!
click click!


I hope you got inspired by my art journal page and got the summery feeling and my little message written on the tag...

'Sometimes you just need to go off the grid and get your soul right'... Right? ;)



July 3, 2017

As Free as the Ocean

Hello dear friends!
Our June Recipe with Finnabair's Team is here for you to inspire and hopefully put everyone into a summertime-seaside-holiday mood!! 
You can see the rest of the girls created in Prima 's blog post.

June recipe

We picked out a seaside theme, with a little bit of a sentimental feel to it. Our product heroes this month are: Art Stones (all sizes: megaregular and mini) + Impasto Paints (mainly blues palette) = amazing mixed-media!!

I really love the heavy, creamy consistency and the rich colors of the Impasto Paints! I picked some blue shades to create the ocean feel. It's so easy to create textures with the Impasto Paints because of their thick consistency. I just used a paintbrush to apply them to the page and created a beautiful, textured circle in no time! I also used the Snow Whitepaint here and there and the Pitch Black to write the quote with a thin applicator.

The Mega Art Stones are also perfect for all kinds of summer themed projects - they look so real, as if you picked them from the beach. :) I used 3D Gloss Gel to glue them down. Finally, I used the Bubbles Stencil to add more interest to the background. As usual, I primed my page with Modeling Paste and Clear Gesso.

Prima Products: Art Ingredients: Mega Art Stones 964672, Mini Art Stones 963712; Art Alchemy - Impasto Paints: Cobalt 964641, Azure 964634, Jade 964627, Bottle Green 964610, Pitch Black 964528, Snow White 964511, Art Basics: Gesso - Clear 961466, Modeling Paste - 962975, 3D Gloss Gel 961381, Double Sided Texture Brush Set 2 963866, Elementals - 6,5x10,25 Stencil "Bubbles" 961299

Don't forget to visit Prima 's blog post to see what the rest of the Finnabair Team created!
 Have a lovely crafty summer!


June 25, 2017

Memory - junk album

Hello dear friends!
I' m hosting the Finnabair blog with my new project, a Junk Album, 
with a video on how I made it.

Last week my good friend Helen visited me to hang around and play with the new products Finnabair released a few weeks ago.
We ended up making a junk journal each and painting the cover with the new Impasto Paints.
I really love their heavy creamy consistency and the rich colors that make them the perfect choice for any kind of project!
And...psssst.... they are matte!!! The main reason for me to put them in the first place of my Favorite  Paints list. :)

The base of my cover was a simple paper bag so I had to seal it and protect it from the paints.

I used the Clear Gesso because I wanted to keep the natural colors of the envelope.

Then I used a roller to paint with the Impasto Paints. I painted here and there with Dark Chocolate, Jade, Bottle Green, Crimpson and Lemon Peel - you will find all the links below.

Then I used the Snow White paint to blend the colors with the white background.

Next step was to create texture to the background.
I used the 3D Gloss Gel with the Bubbles stencil. I used a heat gun to dry it all and as I wanted even more texture, I didn't stop heating it until I saw some real bubbles which were created by the high temperature. :)

To embellish the cover I used a photo from the Ephemera Vintage Collectibles collection which I cut out with my scissors and glued it down with the Soft Matte Gel.
Then I used the new Mega Art Stones. I glued with the 3D Gloss Gel only a few of them because they are really mega! I abolutely adore them!
I also used some thread and a chipboard word 'Memory' which I painted white with the Snow White Impasto Paint.
As some final touches, I used a graphite pencil to doodle around and the Pitch Black Impasto Paint to make some splashes like I usually do. :)

You will see in my video below how me and my craft buddy played with the Impasto paints and had lots of fun.

I hope you felt inspired to make your own junk album with your friends!

It is always so nice and fun to spend time with good friends and create together, don't you think?

Until next time -

have fun and create in good company!