May 17, 2020

Wanderlast 2019 project

Hello crafty friends! 
In 2019 I was invited to be one of the teachers in Wanderlust 2019.
It was an amazing experience for me and had an amazing time being a part of this amazing community.

This is the project we created in my class in two versions, black and white.

Have a lovely crafty day!

April 17, 2020

mini art journal | last pages

Hello dear friends!
Today I'm featuring two lovely artists in my last pages of my mini journal.
I'm so sad that this cute little happy journal has come to it's end and so happy at the same time that I managed to fill all the pages :)

In this particular quarantine period of our life, I spend more time on Pinterest than I did before and I get very excited when I find new -at least for me- artists! Sometimes I like so much their work that I try to make something similar in my journals and that makes me really happy!

For this spread I got inspired by Magaly Ohika and her amazing faces she draws with the cute house on the nose. Her style is unique and I tried to incorporate it in my style.


I call the last page of my mini journal 'happy end' and it really is!
I got inspired by Mary 'The Turquoise Paintbrush' and her colorful artworks.
She uses all the colors I love to use in my projects.
I created this page by not having on my mind her work but when I finished and looked at it my mind went on her. I think my page looks like her style, don't you think?

I'm off to find -or make?- a new mini journal to start.
Stay safe and creative!


March 31, 2020

mini art journal | Girl

 Dear friends
I hope you all are doing great!
Staying home on this weird period of our life's made me feel very creative.
I'm about to fill all the pages of my mini journal, actually there is one last left which I'll try to shoot a video with the process.
For today's project I used acrylic paints and watercolor pencils.
The stickers are from 7Dots Studio collection.