March 26, 2015

Just go...

Hello dear friends! 
Today I'm sharing a layout for Lindy's Stamp Gang
Once again, I was inspired by the amazing moodboard of the March Color Challenge with all these beautiful party balloons, so I decided to make some by myself on my page. You can see me drawing these balloons and all the process step by step - I hope you will enjoy the video!

 For this page I used the March 2015 Limited Edition Spray Set plus the Frozen Jack Frost StarburstMadonna Robe Blue Gold and Geranium Coral Blush embossing powders.

To make the background I used the sprays with some water and watercolors. I also used several colors of inks with stamps.

I used the embossing powders to alter the chipboard pieces - actually they are chipboard leftovers and I love adding them in my projects.

As you can see, in this project I didn't use a lot of embellishments because I wanted to focus on the background. I really love using different media in order to create an interesting background and that' s why I used a white card stock as a base.

To create the balloons I used a permanent pen, a pencil, the spray set and watercolors. To make them more real I glued some thread under each of them. I had really fun time drawing and painting them and I love how they look!

Here is my video, I hope you will enjoy the process!


With this layout I'm joining the challenge #10 Birds of a Feather at The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge where we have to create something that reminds birds. Well, I included two wood veneer birds in the composition and a ticket with a bird. I also combined the idea of a flying bird with the balloons - how awesome would it be to hang over those balloons and just go up to the sky and travel all over the world!

Thank you for visiting, have a wonderful crafty time!

March 24, 2015

Be adventurous

Hello dear friends! 
Spring is here and I'm in a great mood these days - I want to make colorful projects and paint a lot of flowers and butterflies!  As I was looking in my photo files, I found a beautiful one with my daughter we took about 2 years ago at the summer house. So, I decided that it was the perfect photo to make a layout about Spring time and today that I'm hosting the Mixed Media Place blog I can share it.

For this project I used two shades of colors: greens and purples. I tried to match the colors of the mediums with the colors of the photo and I think I found the perfect shades in the Lindy's Gang Stamp sprays. I used the Starbursts Salt Water Taffy and Jazzy Jivin' Purple to color all the flowers (paper and stamped ones) and the Starbursts Frolic in the Forest and Ponderosa Pines Olive  to make the background.

In order to make the background, I used a flourish stencil with white gesso. After it was dry, I made A LOT of splashes with the LSG sprays. I also used the Deep Green Ecoline on some spots and a few stamps with the black Staz On. I really enjoy doing such techniques, especially the splashing is my favorite one!
If you want to see how I created the background, you can watch this video of mine - it's a similar project with the same techniques!

The next thing to do, was to deal with the photo. Because of Maria's pose, I got excited by this idea to put her hold something like a kite. She actually didn't hold anything, I don't even remember what she was doing at that moment. Anyway, at first I was going for a kite, but then I found these big butterflies in my stash and that was it! To make it more realistic I made two tiny holes on and under her hand and put the thread through them. It's like she is holding the thread for real, don't you think?
I also made a loop around the head of the butterfly, because she caught it with her lasso :)

To give more depth to the background I glued a few embellishments and some flowers under the photo. I painted them in the same shades with the flowers of the photo with the sprays, but that wasn't enough for me. So, I decided to make a small fence with some wooden sticks and green wire. I really like how it turned. This fence was the perfect place to put the title of the composition "Be Adventurous' - it's a sticker I got from the 7 Dots Studio Nature Walk collection.

***You can find all the supplies used on this project at Mixed Media Place store
and their links on this post.

With this project I'm entering the following challenges:

I wish they would be real all these beautiful flowers, so I could smell them :)

Scrapogoliki sketch challenge with this beautiful sketch:

ScrappolisButterfly challenge


I hope you got some inspiration by my Spring mood! 
Thank you for visiting,
Have a wonderful crafty day!

March 19, 2015

Learn how to do it

Today we have a new exercise for you at Mixed Media Place :

We'd like to invite you to create any kind of project in which words & letters play the main role.
Play with different types. Alphabets. Calligraphy.
You may focus on the letters but also words and sentences.
A quote. An affirmative sentence. Or just letter soup.

For my project I used a stencil with the Greek Alphabet, a script stamp and a really cool Pablo Picasso's quote:
 "I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it".
 To create the mixed media background I applied first a coat of Light Paste and then I used the stencil with a custom paint made with Light Paste and Fresh Oregano Pigment - I really love this color! Then, I glued some paper pieces here and there, I covered them with a thin coat of White Gesso and stamped with the script stamp. In order to alter the chipboard pieces I used embossing powder with a similar color to the photo. The sprays I used all over the composition have also very similar shade to the color of the photo and I just like that a lot! For some final touches I applied with a paintbrush some Plumeria silk here and there.

Supplies list

So, I can't wait to see your creative typography!
You have time to present your works until April 16th - 'see' you there! 

March 16, 2015

You only see what I choose to show you

Hello dear friends!
Today is the mid month reveal of Scrap Around The World and here is my page...

...based on this minimalist & futuristic mood board created by Terhi KoskinenThis mood board is full of texture, softness, sun & light.

As always, I tried to use all the elements of the moodboard. On my page you can see 
colors of white, greys, yellows, browns & shades of teal.

 Instead of the beautiful horse I used the Trojan Horse - by the way do you know the story? It is about the subterfuge that the Greeks used to enter the city of Troy and win the war. They constructed a huge wooden horse, and hid a select force of men inside. The Greeks pretended to sail away, and the Trojans pulled the horse into their city as a victory trophy. That night the Greek force crept out of the horse and opened the gates for the rest of the Greek army, which had sailed back under cover of night. The Greeks entered and destroyed the city of Troy, decisively ending the war...  
I got the idea to use the Trojan Horse not only by the horse picture but also by the robot - I combined both of them in one picture. The quote I used is the relative of this theme.
I also wrote by hand: 
Don't judge me, you only see what I choose to show you.
I think it matches perfectly with the theme.

The inspiration of this moodboard is endless:  the wood, string, circles of twine, pencil work, measurement details, arrows and of course CHEVRONS, all these are on my page!

I had really a lot of fun designing the background with my permanent pen, a ruler and some bottle caps. Of course the stamps helped a lot to finish my design and give this modern geometrical look.
I just love it!

So, what do you think? Are you still thinking to enter our amazing challenge?
Here are our great prizes you can win:

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$40 worth of product courtesy of our very generous
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valued at a whopping $36.95!!

March 8, 2015

To the moon and back!

Hello dear friends! 
Today I'm sharing a page I created for Lindy's Stamp Gang 

This time I used three colors of the set: C'est la vie Cerise, A Bit o'Bubbly and I'm Late, I'm Late Slate. I wanted blue and orange shades on my page and that's why I choose the first two colors. The third color was also a perfect match as it has the same shade with the paper I used. This helped a lot to blend the blue and orange mixed media background with the color of the paper. To create the background I made a lot of splashes with the sprays and also blended them with watercolors, watercolor pencils, a 3D paint and inks. 

I also sprayed the flowers in order to give the same shades of the background and create a balance to the project...

I altered some chipboard pieces with the  Cosmic Pink Blue embossing powder. This is really a fun way to use the chipboard leftovers on your project, it gives an awesome look on it!
The crescent moon has been designed by my 6 years old daughter. She was very happy watching me scrapping her picture and wanted a moon to match with the quote. I really liked her sketch, so I cut it with my scissors and glued it on the page. I also strapped on it some jewelry wire with some stars sequins :) 


With this project I'm entering:

 The 7 Dots Studio "Hearts" challenge 
- I used the Messy Head collection, one of my favorites ever!

...and the Scrap Memory 'Step by Step' challenge.

That was all for today!
 I hope you got some ideas and I can't wait to see your projects for our March Color Challenge!
 Have a lovely Sunday!