July 30, 2016

Denim Journal introdution and my page for Prima

 Hello dear friends!
Today I want to introduce you to my new addiction, 
the DENIM JOURNAL designed by Finnabair!

I made the first page the very day I got it and as I was so excited about it, I couldn't kept myself to stop, so I decided to decorate it a little bit and fill all these cute pockets with my art supplies :)

Starting from the left to right: 
The pocket at the left side of the journal is big enough to fit the Silicone Brushes, as well many other supplies like thread, wire, scraps, envelopes, little bags with art ingredients and anything else you can think of!
The plastic pocket sheet has the same size (7x9") with the rest of the pages (I folded it in half to look better in the photo above) and is perfect to store all your scraps, photos, paper embellishments, stickers, chipboards and more. I currently filled it with Finnabair's Ephemera. 
The  big thick denim sheet (10x9") is the last page of the journal, and I love how it extends, as it' s wider than the rest of the pages. I stitched some buttons and mechanicals to have them in stand by and pinned a couple of needles. Of course I' ll fill the rest of the page over time :)
The five holes at the right side of the journal are perfect for keeping brushes, pens, pencils, scissors, etc.
So, that was all with my decorations and storing in my Denim journal :)


Let's focus on my art journal page I created for my Prima guest spot. 

My project is based at new Finnabair recipe...

July art recipe
Rust PastesResist Canvas + Crackle Pastes + Art Alchemy Paints = a spectacular Finnabair recipe! 

...and here it is...
"Winners are not those who never fail,
but those who never quite"

The project is based on this beautiful Mechanical Butterfly which I broke in two pieces by mistake.
I got upset but just for a while. 
Then I thought: let's make a page with this broken butterfly, it will be a challenge, but I like challenging myself ! 
And so I did :)
 I chose this inspiring quote because I think it fits perfectly with the broken wing.
You just have to keep going, even your wing is broken...

I cut this beautiful Resist Canvas 'Honeycomb' in the size of the journal's pages,
punched the holes and eyelets with the cropadile and started working.
I scratched with my nails the edges all around the canvas and with a paint brush I added some amount of Clear Sculpture Medium to seal these spots and make sure they will not fray in the future.

 Then I used the Black Gesso to create some circles as the focal point of the page.
I also applied the White Crackle Paste here and there with the Silicon Brush (I love this brush, it's perfect for this technique) and let it dry outside naturally. It took about an hour.

When it was dry I played with the Art Alchemy Acrylic Paints.
I painted here and there with a paintbrush and sprayed some water on them to create a watercolor effect. Then I glued all the metal embellishments with the Clear Sculpture Medium and while it was wet I spread some Bronze Micro Beads and Black Glass Glitter.

I used all three colors of the Rust Paste Set to paint all the metal embellishments and some other spots and as a final touch I made some splashes with the Black Gesso and stamped with a couple of stamps here and there.

I really enjoyed creating this page and that was only the start!
I'm going to fill this Journal like crazy :)

***for full supplies list and links on the Prima online store please visit this post.

Thank you for visiting,
have a lovely crafty day!


July 17, 2016

Summer Inspiration *with video

Happy Sunday dear friends!
Today I want to share a little bit of Summer inspiration!

During Summer vacation and between swimming in the dreamy sea
 I found the time to alter this cute small spatula I found in the beach house.
Of course what would be more perfect for this project
 than the ColourArte products? :)

I won't share much of the process, you can see everything in my video.

I hope you will enjoy it and get inspired! 
Don't forget to leave me a comment, as well give me thumbs up on my You Tube channel  :)

Some details...

ColourArte supplies list for this project:

"Mermaid" France Papillon Series: 


 Ocean Wave

 Guatamalan Green 

 Copper Pearl

Other supplies
charm boat
white twine
Prima - Finnabair art stones
Prima - Finnabair Black Gesso
Prima - Finnabair Texture Paste - White Sand
Prima - Finnabair 3D Gloss Gel


With this project I'm entering

 The 'Sail your dreams' challenge at Scrap Kafe 'International'

and the Nautical/By the sea challenge at Simon Says Stamp


Thank you for visiting!

Have a lovely crafty Summer day :)


July 15, 2016

Create opportunities - Denim Journal with Video

Hello sweet friends! 
Today I'm hosting the Finnabair blog with a page in my Denim Journal.

I loved this photo the moment I found it on Pinterest and of course I wanted to make a page with it in my new Denim Journal :)
I used only a few media like the Light Paste,(I adore the beautiful texture it creates), Black Gesso and Mica Powders.

In order to start building my page and create the main cluster I used a chipboard leftover.
I always keep these goodies, for me they are the best pieces to give more interest to my pages.
I applied some Light Paste here and there on the chipboard too, to help the beautiful colors of the Mica Powders stick on there.

To decorate my page I used some cute brads (stars and screws) to secure the ends of the wire and 7Dots Studio stickers. I also used my stapler on the photo, stickers and wire.

To give more interest to the background I used some stamps here and there and made splashes with the Black Heavy Gesso.

I share all the details and the whole process in my video, I hope you will enjoy it :)

***You can find links of all supplies used in this project HERE.
Thank you for visiting, 
have a lovely crafty day!

July 3, 2016

Colorchart book for ColourArte - making the cover

Happy Sunday dear friends!
Time for some inspiration with video tutorial for ColourArte!

I created this cute little book with file folders. 
You will see at my video how to add more pages using a file folder, scissors and a cropadile,
as well how I created the cover of the book.

I'm already using this book as a colorchart with all my ColourArte products.
The file folders were perfect for this project, because they have these cute labels overhanging and help me find the categories of the color products in no time!

I hope you will enjoy the video and get inspired!
 Don't forget to leave me a comment, as well give me thumbs up on my You Tube channel  :)

ColourArte supplies list for this project:

Primary Elements
Teal Zirgon
Blue Grass
Pink Azalea
Pear Blossom
Coral Berry
Rose Gold

Radiant Gels
 Blue Pearls
Vavoom Red

Siam White

Vivid Ultra Metallic
True Silver

The Solution

some details

Thank you for visiting,
have a lovely crafty day!