March 5, 2014

featured artist on Artsy Addicts and a tutorial

I am very happy to be a "Featured Artist" on Artsy Addicts blog today! It is a great honor for me and I really appreciate the invitation!
In this post some of my favorite techniques are being presented, as well as a little tutorial for Artsy Addicts readers creating a simple layout with few embellishments, following some simple steps.
I hope you will enjoy my work and it will give you some additional ideas.

This is my post:
Today I am going to show to you 3 of my favorite techniques that I love doing on my scrapbook pages.

1.Tearing pages from an old book. I love to create layouts composed by yellowed pages that have been torn from old books. Ι tear them in pieces and place them around my photo in order to create a frame. In my most recent layouts I use pages from an old chemistry book that a good friend of mine found dumped on the street!

2.Stamping and masking with gesso or modeling pasteAfter I glue the paper chunks, Ι choose the stamps and masks that best fit to the photo's subject. Firstly,I remove the photo from the working area and I stamp randomly around the photo's space with several stamps, then I mask with gesso on the stamps. Sometimes, when the gesso gets dry, I restamp over it to create a connection between the different media. After the stamping, the photo is placed back in position and I choose the embellishments that fits into the theme.

3.Altering embellishments and chipboard pieces. I like altering things, a common practice in my scrapbook projects. I like to cut into pieces all the flowers, stickers and chipboard elements, so as to give them new and unique shape. I then stamp on them, gesso them or both. In my opinion this gives character and style to my work.

Now its time to show you a bonus tutorial for you. I created a simple layout with few embellishments following these three steps!

I place the photo, the torn vintage pages chunks and the big embellishments that are going to be used in my layout.

I remove the photo and start stamping.

More stamps!

 Time for masking...

I place the painted and stamped chipboard pieces, I do some doodling around the tags and stickers, a little misting at the end and... 

that's it!

Thank you Artsy for featuring my work!


  1. Μπραβο Αθανασια !! Παντα τέτοια και ακομα καλυτερα ευχομαι! Πολλα πολλα φιλιά!

  2. Συγχαρητήρια, Αθανασία!!!! Η δουλειά σου είναι εξαιρετική! Θα μελετήσω το tutorial, μου άρεσε πολύ ο τρόπος που το παρουσιάζεις!!!


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