August 6, 2015

there is always a way

Hello everyone!
Today I'm sharing the second page of my black art journal I made for Lindy's Stamp Gang.
(here is the first page)

I prepared a photo tutorial, so you can see the steps and create your own.
Ι used two toned embossing powders. They are so unique as not only they are two toned, but they shimmer too!

Lindy’s Shimmering Embossed Resist Technique

1. Choose your favorite colors of embossing powders (I used Queen Sheba's SilverTwilight Bronze Slate and Madonna Robe Blue Gold)  and use them with stamps. After melting you will have this beautiful shiny result.

2. Apply a small amount gesso all over the page and wipe it off the embossed image with a baby wipe. The shimmer and shine will shine once again.

3. Use your favorite colors of sprays here and there (I used I'm Late, I'm Late SlateSteel ShimmerClam Bake BeigePirate's Plunder GoldScreamin' Banshee BlackFrozen Jack Frost).
If you get spray on top of the embossing, wipe it up. It will make sure your shimmering image shows through on your project and it's not altered by the spray.

4. Glue your preferred chipboard pieces and/or embellishments. 

5. Spray again with the color sprays in order to incorporate the chipboard pieces into the background. Add stamped images in the background with white ink for more texture.

6. Make some splashes with the gesso or the white color spray. I used them both.

7.  At this point, before the gesso or white spray dries, you can go ahead and wipe the embossed image off again with a damp baby wipe, to keep the shimmering images coming through, and  popping from your background.  You have the option to not wipe to mute the images a bit as well. It all depends on what look you prefer.Add your tittle and your project is ready!

***chipboard pieces from 2Crafty

I hope you got some ideas from today's project!
Thank you for visiting!


  1. Gorgeous journal page! The embossing powders and colors are wonderful and the photo is very awesome.

  2. Φανταστικό! Ευχαριστουμε για το tutorial!

  3. This is beautiful! Love the stamped image, which is it please

    1. Thank you Lissa. The stamp is by 7Dots Studio Nature Walk stamp set.


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