September 25, 2012

September Mixed Media Challenge...

Hi everyone! This is my entry for the "Chic Scrapbook Designs By Limor Webber" blog challenge (here are the rules).

This mixed media canvas is a gift for my dad, a tribute for him, for all  these amazing and priceless things he made and gave to me all these years. So I wanted to include several things that he loves and characterizes him, as all these electronic pieces they are stuck on it, are tools of his trade (he is an electronic engineer). And where do you think I found these amazing little pieces? From my dad's basement, his personal workshop. I 'shopped' them from his trash stuff!  :)  I can not believe that all this time didn't knew that there was a goldmine in the house! lol!
Each piece of the composition has its special weight in this canvas, even the letters on the label to the left side - he knows very well what do they mean ;)
I'm so,so happy that I finally managed to save all these poor damaged things from the trash bin and guess what: I have a whole box of these goodies, waiting to be used for my next project!

You can see more details of the project here.


  1. This is just fantastic!!! you rocked this out!!!!

  2. Αθανασία μου με έχεις αφήσει άφωνη!!!!
    Σε θέλω στην ομάδα των Scrapbookers in Greece οπωσδήποτε!!!! ♥
    Η δουλειά σου είναι απίστευτη!
    Χίλια μπράβο!


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