July 1, 2015


Happy July everyone!
Today I'm sharing a small canvas I created for my art wall.
It's an elephant drawing with 7 Dots Studio stickers 

Here is the July's graphic for your inspiration.
I love this month's color pallet!

 Ι decided to make an elephant because I wanted something for my art wall to remind me to remember, not to forget :)
 I always have been an absent-minded person: I forget all the time what I want to do in the next minute, or what I did a minute before, names, numbers...  pretty annoying, but also funny. So, if you have any secrets, I'm the right person to tell, lol
They say that elephants never forget, so I think that having one in my room will help my memory :)
I really enjoyed drawing and coloring it with the sprays...
And of course it's already hanging on the wall :)

So, will you play with Lindy's Stamp Gang products this month?
I can't wait to see your projects!


  1. Beautiful - and I love the elephant!

  2. Fabulous ! I love your sketching.. Amazing!

  3. Ειναι απλα εκπληκτικό τοσο σαν σύλληψη οσο ξαι σαν δημιουργια! Εξαιρετικό!!!

  4. Really loved this - so had to leave a comment - beautiful art oxo

  5. This is absolutely fantastic!!!!
    So unique. I would LOVE that on my wall!!!

  6. I have absolutely fallen in love with your elephant. I know she will always help you remember the important things in your life.


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