July 8, 2015

be your kind of beautiful

Hello Lindy's Stamp Gang friends! 
Today I'm sharing a canvas about beauty...

I would like to show you one favorite technique: Lindy's Embossed Crackle
It's pretty easy and, trust me, you will love the result!

  1. Choose a chipboard piece, or any kind of paper you like.
  2. Put a thin coat of gesso. You need a white surface so that it will show the actual color of the embossing powder after melting it.
  3. Spread the embossing powder (I used Bonjour Butter) on your chipboard piece. Remove some of it with your finger and heat it with the heat gun.
  4. That's it! Your chipboard is ready to use on your projects. The fact you removed some of the embossing powder with your fingers, influences the finished look of the melted embossing powder.

Let's alter now some alpha stickers with Midnight Pewter embossing powder...

  1. Take some alpha stickers and an embossing powder of your choice.
  2. Spread the embossing powder (I used Midnight Pewter) and heat it! The embossing powder completely changes the piece and it's ready to use!
Crackle finish on stickers:
  1. Use the back side of the stickers. Spread ONLY SOME GRAINS of embossing powder. It is very important to leave some spots white! Heat it. It's ready to use! pic#3
  2. I glued the altered alpha stickers on the first chipboard piece I altered and put a couple of brads. pic #4
Here is my altered chipboard on the finished project...

I also altered a chipboard word with two shades of embossing powders: Midnight Pewter and Orbit Olive Gold

To finish my project I used the July 2015 Limited Edition Spray Set in order to create a mixed media background.

Thank you for visiting!
Have a lovely crafty day!


  1. Beautiful - and thank you for sharing each of your tips - the results are wonderful and I will be giving it a try.

  2. Such a unique projects with great use of colors! Thank you for the tips!


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