May 15, 2016

wooden houses

  Happy Sunday dear friends!
Today I'm sharing a fun project I created to decorate my leaving room.
I had so much fun 'building' these cute houses and painting them with ColourArte pigments.

Here are the supplies I used to create them:

ColourArte products

Other products:
  • White Heavy Gesso
  • Black Gesso
  • paintbrush
  • pyrographer
  • sandpaper
  • wood blocks (I used the legs from an old cheap ikea table)
  • jigsaw

The whole idea came when I saw the wooden legs of an old cheap ikea table standing at the corner of our warehouse. They had the perfect size to create some houses. I knew that we weren't going to use this table never again, so with no second thought I cut them in pieces with the jigsaw. I didn't do any measuring, just started cutting in different sizes.
Next thing to do was to use the sand paper to soften the edges and make them look old. 
After that, I used the pyrographer to create the doors and windows. That took a lot of time but it really worth it! If you don't have a pyrographer you can simply use paints to draw doors and windows. 
Then I started painting the houses.

I made my own Glaze paints by mixing in the Clear Glaze Medium my favorite arte-pigment colors. 

Again, no measuring at all, just keep in mind that the more color you add, the more opaque look you get or add more Glaze for Extra Transparency. Just play with the paints and have fun!

I didn't use any container to blend the paints, I just added some Clear Glaze on the corner of the house and spread the pigment in there. It's pretty easy to apply it, the paint is so smooth, I just love it! I kept adding some more pigment here and there and just blending with the paintbrush and when I was happy with the result I let it dry naturally and kept going with the next house and so on...

I used on three of the five houses blue/green shades of Primary Elements pigments and on one house the Fuzzy Peach shade. I also painted two houses with White Heavy Gesso and all the roofs with Black Gesso.

Last and very important step for me was to sand all the edges of the houses with sandpaper, to create an aged look. I also used it on all the sides of the houses to remove most of the gloss of the paints.

I really love the result, they are already standing on my shelf :)
***you can find all ColourArte products here 

Thank you for visiting,
have a lovely crafty day!



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